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Vase found at home could fetch thousands at auction

It is thought that the "beautiful" Chinese vase dates back as far as 1640.

Spring trainers: 5 trends to be seen in this season

Spring trainers: 5 trends to be seen in this season - From peach fuzz to vintage vibes, here’s how to step up your style, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

In India cows are safer than women and Muslims

Delicious low-carb swaps that are healthy and tasty

While we all love potatoes, pasta and pastry, try these stodge-free alternatives and you’ll be surprised how easy and delicious low-carb meals can be.

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers remembered as ‘brilliantly inspiring’

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers remembered as ‘brilliantly inspiring’ - Myers co-star Si King announced on Thursday that the TV chef had died after fighting cancer for the past couple of years.

Impressive structures crafted from granite

Stone is one of the world's oldest building materials, and granite has been used in the construction of monuments and other structures for millennia, in fact as far back as the prehistoric era. The ancient Romans and Egyptians used granite widely, and ever since the properties of this tough and durable igneous rock have made granite a favorite material in the creation of some of the world's most recognized and celebrated buildings. So, what are these impressive structures, and where can they be admired? Click through and build up a picture of some of the world's greatest granite designs.

6 ways to eat food cleverly without making a mess

There are some foods that are just impossible to eat without creating a mess.

Hook, line and dinner: Sustainable tuna recipes for a guilt-free supper

Hook, line and dinner: Sustainable tuna recipes for a guilt-free supper - RECIPES: Ever feel like a fish out of water when it comes to navigating sustainable fish? These MSC-certified recipes will have you hooked from the first bite, says Hannah Twiggs

School for deaf children celebrates relocation

The school has state of the art acoustics tailored to the pupils' needs.

Will Woolworths Dash overtake Checkers Sixty60?

South Africans embrace the convenience of online grocery and delivery, fuelling growth for Woolworths Dash.

What would happen without a Leap year? A lot more than you think

What would happen without a Leap year? A lot more than you think - 2024 is a Leap year, so we have February 29

'Starbucks' new frothy drink tastes just like ice cream - and lid feature is a game-changer'

You might want to shake-up your Starbucks order this spring, as the coffee chain is about to drop the prettiest drink of them all - the iced strawberry matcha tea latte

Is the five-day workweek outdated? Here's what's next

For many people around the world, the five-day workweek seems to be how life has always functioned, and, for some, five days has even been the minimum. But as our societies develop and issues like burnout become more prevalent, we’re starting to take a closer look at the system we took for granted, and perhaps noticing some great disparities between our work hours and productivity. In one of the largest trials of a four-day week yet, 61 British businesses—including banks, fast-food restaurants, and marketing agencies—gave their workers one paid day off a week to see if they could do the same work more effectively in less time. After logging sharp drops in worker turnover and sick days while maintaining productivity throughout the six-month trial, more than 90% of the companies said they would continue testing the shorter week, while 18 already planned to make it permanent, reports the Wall Street Journal. The idea of the four-day work week seems quite radical to many, especially with the 100/80/100 principle, but it’s actually been proven by big companies to have various benefits, which both you and your company, and hopefully your government, will want to pay attention to. Click through to learn more, and start making your case!

The new rules for parents who take their children out of school for holidays

The new rules for parents who take their children out of school for holidays - Fines will be increased under the new rules for parents in England

The best self-soothing techniques for adults

In essence, self-soothing is the practice of comforting yourself. This might sound simple but it’s something that few of us think to do in moments of emotional distress. By contrast, if we see a loved one, particularly a child, experiencing some kind of upset, we automatically try to comfort and soothe them. We have been conditioned to think that it’s something you can only do for another person, or that another person can do for you. But the reality is that we can all learn to soothe ourselves, and, in fact, it’s an essential skill to have for our emotional well-being. Click through the following gallery to learn more about the practice of self-soothing and some of its most effective techniques.

12 amazing glaze for gammon recipes to impress your guests

Glaze for gammon always turns an ordinary pork meal into a memorable feast for your guests. Try these 12 recipes to elevate your culinary skills!

More than 90,000 children estimated to be in home education in autumn term

More than 90,000 children estimated to be in home education in autumn term - The number of children being homeschooled has increased compared with the same period in 2022, the Department for Education data estimates.

All apologies: The 20 best make-up songs

No matter the make-up vibe you're looking for, there's a song on this list that will fit the bill.

Free breakfast for all London school pupils would slash 'insane' truancy levels, teachers say

Free breakfast for all London school pupils would slash 'insane' truancy levels, teachers say - One headteacher says absence rates dropped immediately after she introduced free breakfast for all children

27 of the best Indie Spirit looks of all time

See the best dressed stars at the Independent Spirit Awards through the years.

Self-preservation and self love is the key to leading a happy life

To safeguarding your mental and emotional well-being beyond indulging in pamper sessions and dedicating Sundays to self-care

Moon landers, departed owls, alphabets and quangos – take the Thursday quiz

Today is an incredibly special day in the history of the Thursday quiz, as it is the first time it has fallen on a leap day. The Thursday quiz will not fall on 29 February again until 2052 when, thanks to Liz Truss, the quiz master will probably still be working to pay off the mortgage that her economic policies vastly increased. Thanks, Liz. She is in the quiz again to celebrate. It is just for fun but let us know how you got on in the...

The most beautiful designs of architect Gustave Eiffel

FEATURE: Oudtshoorn sees gold in ostrich plumes

At a South African farm, hundreds of ostriches stretch their slender necks and shake their black feathers under the setting sun.

5 best savoury mince recipes in South Africa and best traditional side dishes

These 5 best ever SAVOURY MINCE RECIPES South Africa will easily add up as a snack, breakfast, or a dinner dish depending on what ingredients you combine.

How to make dumplings with flour from scratch: tips from an expert

Wondering HOW TO MAKE DUMPLINGS with flour from scratch? Here are elaborate steps that you can follow after acquiring the affordable ingredients outlined.

Perfect tender sirloin tip roast recipe: How to cook it

Beef is one of the relished meats in the world and sirloin in particular is preferred by many chefs for its versatility. Here is a sirloin tip roast recipe.

Ateliers O-S and NAS Architecture organise French school around planted courtyard

Gabled concrete forms surround a planted courtyard at Samuel Paty School in Béziers, France, created by local studios Ateliers O-S and NAS Architecture. Located in the city's Devèze district, the single-storey school is designed by Ateliers O-S and NAS Architecture to balance well-lit, navigable spaces with a feeling of enclosure and privacy for those inside. The post Ateliers O-S and NAS Architecture organise French school around planted...

Turn these 24 surprising food 'scraps' into delicious dishes

There's a whole host of ingredients out there that many may dismiss as waste, weeds or just plain wacky. But with a little know-how, they can be turned into delicious dishes.

25+ cheap dinner ideas South Africa in 2024: Budget-friendly meals

This article highlights CHEAP DINNER IDEAS IN SOUTH AFRICA which save time and money and vary from lunch to dinner. Read on to find out about the cheap meals.

Groom’s family hires men to splatter bride’s dress with red paint as she walks down the aisle

Groom’s family hires men to splatter bride’s dress with red paint as she walks down the aisle - A bride’s in-laws make elaborate attempts to sabotage her wedding with no success

Top tips adults wish they could tell their younger selves

As we grow older, we reflect on the past and the paths we took on our journeys. Despite the many successes we've had, we've also been prone to many mistakes, some of which were simply because we didn't know any better. Looking back at our younger years, we sometimes ponder what we could have done differently... With this in mind, this list will show you the top tips adults wish they could tell their younger selves. Click on to discover them all!

‘Delicious' air fryer chicken curry recipe that's easy to make in 20 minutes this evening

This air fryer chicken curry recipe is so easy to make and is packed with flavour. The perfect quick evening meal that can be whipped up in 20 minutes.

Here's how to make a home senior friendly

It's an unfortunate fact that most houses are not built to accommodate older people's particular needs. Fortunately, there are lots of ways elderly homeowners or their younger relatives can adapt properties to make them more senior friendly. So, what are the changes to consider when upgrading a home to make it suitable in later life? Click through this gallery for handy tips on how to age-proof a house so that older people can continue to live safe, happy, and independent lives.

How leap years are viewed across the globe

From curses to proposals: In many countries, February 29 is riddled with bad luck. But in some places, it is seen as an opportunity for women in love.

Girls Aloud and Mika to headline Brighton Pride

Other acts confirmed for the festival in August are Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Billy Porter and S Club.

Climate change could make chocolate go extinct

Everything you need to know when preparing to adopt a child

Adoption can make families out of children and adults who otherwise wouldn't have the pleasure. It is not only a noble undertaking, but also a beautiful and emotional chance to build connections between those in need of children and those in need of parents. All of that beauty and fulfillment takes a long time to achieve though; the adoption process can be long, confusing, and even overwhelming at times. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do before you'll be ready to welcome your new child into your home. But it's so worth it! Read on for tips to help prepare you for your life as an adoptive parent.

Inspiring self-care anthems to get the self-love flowing

If you're ever feeling a little down, or lack motivation to take care of yourself, these songs will give you a push to get back on track! They each champion the concepts of accepting yourself, loving yourself, and valuing yourself and your right to space. Who do you spend the most time with? Yourself. Who do you have 100% responsibility for? Yourself! These anthems act as a reminder to lift yourself up and take care of you, because you're worth it and you deserve it. We're not always as kind to ourselves as we should be, but these songs won't let you get away with it! Click through for a list of the most inspiring self-care anthems.

12 best Mother's Day hampers to treat your mum to this Mothering Sunday

From Mother's Day food hampers to beauty hampers, this is your guide to the best gift hampers for mum. Think M&S Mother's Day hampers, luxury afternoon tea hampers and even cheese Mother's Day hampers too.

Greek royal family hold a private thanksgiving service for the life of King Constantine a day after Windsor service led by Queen Camilla and attended by European royalty

The thanksgiving service took place at St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox Cathedral and was a more intimate occasion compared to the late King's Windsor memorial on Tuesday,

Simple cheese platter ideas: Create a board to surprise your guests

Cheese platter ideas ensure you create a delightful snack or appetizer for your next social gathering. Make a platter that caters to different tastes.

Make classic Scandinavian cinnamon buns with Nigella Lawson's all-in-one recipe

Cinnamon buns are a staple in Scandinavian cuisine that can be easily made from scratch in the comfort of your own home.

Best potjie recipes: how to make it with chicken, seafood, lamb or beef?

Looking for great Potjie recipes to try with family and friends this festive season? Take a look at this article for a range of recipes you can try out anytime.

Revealed: Britain eats more ultra-processed foods than anywhere else in Europe, with junk like cakes, sweets and biscuits making up almost 60 PER CENT of an adult's average diet

Data shows the UK consumes more ultra processed foods (UPFs) - a category that includes cakes, sweets and biscuits - than anywhere else in Europe.

Justine Drake joins Zola Nene as a judge on ‘MasterChef SA’ season 5

Drake will join chef Zola Nene as a judge on the local edition of the prestigious reality cooking competition.

Rosebank Mall to host retro street festival this weekend! See here

Rosebank Mall will host a 90s style retro street festival on Saturday 2 March. Read here for more details.

Security threat to Prince Harry not as high as he thinks, says Princess Diana’s bodyguard

Security threat to Prince Harry not as high as he thinks, says Princess Diana’s bodyguard -

30 Celebrities Who Invited Their Ex To Their Wedding

Prince Harry isn't the only chivalrous ex-boyfriend in town.

Easy to make appetisers that can be whipped up in minutes

From easy canapés to simple but tasty nibbles and brilliant bites that can be whipped up in minutes, we’ve rounded up the best prep-ahead appetisers and party snacks around.